Our Solar Services


Solar Installation

Ready to start saving with solar energy? Our team of highly trained experts will inspect your roof or yard for the best placement and securely install your panels.


Solar Replacement

Have solar panels that need to be updated or replaced? We'll review your current solar panel set up and replace any panels that are no longer working. We can also provide upgrades for outdated solar panels.


Solar Repair

Have a solar energy system that needs repair? Let us handle it. We'll send out a certified solar panel repair team to survey any issues and repair your panels.

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They came is and did NOT try to sell me. Gave me the information I needed, answered all of my questions (many, many), and provided me guidance for future review of my energy needs and the market. They also helped me with a new roof at a great price. So far I have a negative energy bill and I’m awaiting SREC sales.
I have a 21.5K system on my house installed by Solar me last year. These guys were very knowledgeable, professional and clean. Took them 3 days to install my system, and it has worked perfectly. They took care of all the permits and made the entire process very simple. Best company to work with if you are installing solar.
Brett is a great salesman / guide, explained and run us through all the necessary paperwork, Very professional, knowledgeable and friendly installers. The whole process was timely and smooth. Pleasure to do business with.

Solar System Installation Cost in New Jersey

The average cost of installing solar panels in New jersey may vary between $10,000 up to $16,000, and on a cost per watt basis, the price of a watt of electricity ranges from $2.40 to $3.24. So, if you are looking for an affordable solar system installation in NJ to save up on a few bucks, then you are just in the right place! We offer the most cost-efficient domestic solar system installation in NJ for residential properties, farms, and even commercial properties. Our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals will first review your monthly energy consumption through your recent electricity energy bills and then offer you the best service of custom solar panel system installer in NJ. 

This is one of the most frequently asked queries of most of the homeowners in New Jersey, and the answer to this question is – Yes. A solar panel system is sufficient enough to run your complete home, farm, and even commercial properties on solar power alone. But one needs to be knowledgeable about the size of a solar panel they are required to install on their property to fulfill their energy requirements. So, if you are now thinking of choosing clean energy over your costly monthly electricity bill, then you are just in the right place! Here, at Renewing Energy, we offer solar system installation for home in NJ with the best solar system installation cost in NJ. So, if you are looking for a cheap solar system installation cost in New Jersey, feel free to contact us any time.