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Our consultants match you with the most affordable clean energy solution

Solar Cost And Sales

We compare the best local price rates along with budget friendly panels to find a green energy that best suits your needs.

Custom Solar Panels System Installer

Every home is unique, and we work with you to make the solar installation process seamless and easy.

We Ensure A Stress-Free Installation

At Renewing Energy, we understand that each customer has individual needs. We offer solar solutions for residential homes, farms, and commercial properties. Our dependable and personable consultants will guide you along the way to provide you with an easy to understand solar plan.

Since 2015, our group of experienced solar consultants have matched hundreds of homeowners with the perfect solar power plan. 

The Benefits Of Solar Energy

Save on utilities every month with your solar panels. You can significantly lessen or completely erase your energy bills with solar energy. Any extra energy can either be stored or sold back to the grid for credit.

Lower your carbon emissions and decrease your carbon footprint by using solar energy. Solar energy is the number one renewable energy source, and often runs at half the price of traditional energy rates per kWh

Qualify for various tax incentives with a solar energy installation. Both home and business owners can qualify for generous tax incentives (depending on their state). Contact us to learn more about incentives available in your area.

Increase the value of your home by installing solar panels on your roof. Most homes with solar energy sell 20% faster than those with traditional energy sources, and often at or above asking price. Invest in your home and enjoy the benefits while you're still there.


They came is and did NOT try to sell me. Gave me the information I needed, answered all of my questions (many, many), and provided me guidance for future review of my energy needs and the market. They also helped me with a new roof at a great price. So far I have a negative energy bill and I’m awaiting SREC sales.
Brett is a great salesman / guide, explained and run us through all the necessary paperwork, Very professional, knowledgeable and friendly installers. The whole process was timely and smooth. Pleasure to do business with.
I have a 21.5K system on my house installed by Solar me last year. These guys were very knowledgeable, professional and clean. Took them 3 days to install my system, and it has worked perfectly. They took care of all the permits and made the entire process very simple. Best company to work with if you are installing solar.

Save Thousands
on your electrical bill

Curious how much you might save with solar energy? We can provide you with a contactless quote within 24 hours. 

Have a recent energy bill ready so we can review your current energy source and electricity needs.

Upgrade your home safely with solar

Our team of experts will install your solar system carefully and effectively. We know that your home is more than just a house; it’s an investment. We’ll be sure to add solar panels to your roof while maintaining your warranty. And if you need to re-roof your home, we can work with your roofer to get everything done at once.